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I invite you to come share my love and respect for wolves. I also invite you to share with me those sites you know of that I haven't found yet. Just click on the running wolf towards the bottom of this page to contact me about these sites. Many thanks in advance. As said before, my screen name should show something of these feelings for wolves. I did say "regardez mon pseudonyme" on my home page. The translation into English is "she wolf."

President Bush has removed protections for Yellowstone Wolves. They have been delisted. You can read more at an NRDC blog - You can also read the NRDC Press Release, and take action.

There is also another petition you can sign in support of the wolves at Help Save the Wolves. You can go to this link also to send a letter to Gale Norton, expressing your outrage about the reduction of protection for the wolves. Do this for the wolves and for the children. There is one other petition you can sign to help save Alaska's wolves. Please help by signing a petition letting the governor know that he did the wrong thing signing that bill allowing them to be hunted and killed from airplanes. There is also a video to see. Possibly you will be able to help with a small donation, the information available at the end of the video. Many thanks.

[NOTE: Please visit the petition to convince President Bush to enforce FAHA to stop the aeriel hunting to kill the wolves in Alaska.]

The California Wolf Center could use your help. It is still suffering from the devastating effects of the fire, and needs help to rebuild. Please visit the link above to see what you can do to help.

On this page there are many sites to visit to learn about wolves and what you can do to help protect these noble animals. These sites below vary in content. Some are informational, others just show the respect and the feelings of others about wolves, and some are current news links regarding the status of current wolf populations. As I said earlier, wolves have been my passion for so long that I don't know when it started. All I know is that I have always felt a deep connection to them, and will do whatever I can to help protect their existence. What started out as just a page of favorite links has now become an informational one, one I also hope will inspire others to do the same after visiting some of the sites below. I've added the alphabetical listings below to make it easier to navigate through this page.

Note the new wolf rules in Idaho and Montana published in the Idaho Statesman on January 4, 2005:
New wolf rules

  • "Wolves in the act of attacking livestock, livestock herding and guarding animals, and dogs on private land can be taken immediately.
  • On public lands, ranchers and outfitters can immediately take wolves attacking their livestock or livestock herding and guarding animals.
  • Written authorization can be issued on private land and public land grazing allotments to kill or harass wolves that pose a threat to livestock, livestock herding and guarding animals and dogs.
  • States can take wolves causing unacceptable impacts to wildlife populations. This would be allowed when big game populations are not meeting state management goals, are unlikely to rebound because of excessive wolf predation without agency intervention and if the killings would not inhibit wolf recovery.
  • Idaho and Montana can establish Memorandums of Agreement with the Department of Interior to take the lead on wolf management in the state."

Current news articles that may not last long on the Internet: