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Warm soft winds of change
blow the sands of the desert,
a place ever changing, ever beautiful,
a place for reflection
a place for deep thought,
best at night when all sleeps
in the world except night creatures
who venture out on their quests.
It is here for those who are lost,
for those who want to escape.

These winds are here to bring peace,
balance to a People much beleaguered
by others who demand their lands,
lands these others have no right to.
These are sacred lands,
lands of their ancestors,
lands to which there is a deep connection,
lands that are a big part of their lives.
This land dispute is nonexistent;
it is the prefabrication of others.

The winds continue to blow,
bringing about a change
which will leave things as they are.
Traditionals value these lands,
know how to care for them,
struggle to keep their way of life
constant here without livestock confiscation,
without "permits" now said needed
by those who work for the others,
others ruled by the money to be made.

These winds blow stronger
to blow these ill feelings and treatment
from this place, and the air grows hotter
as they continue, these others
who think only of themselves,
these selfish beings ruled by greed.
Can they not think of others,
what grief and problems they cause?
This company who will pay them
will affect them also with their actions.

These winds comfort the Elders,
their families, those who belong here,
those who know it is right that they stay.
They stay in spite of the restrictions,
not being able to build or repair homes.
They stay because this is their home.
This is the Altar. It has been theirs
since they first came to this Fifth World.
Still this company tries to push
so that it can continue to rape Mother Earth.

This company has already begun to do so.
The slurries pollute the waters;
the strip mining tears at Mother Earth,
leaving deep scars, scars that cannot be.
Those who live here know how to care for her.
They know this cannot continue.
These lands are sacred. They cannot,
they will not be taken away.
Yes, this dispute is nonexistent,
so the winds will continue to blow.

running wolf
the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind"
Dakota Proverb

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