one voice silenced

deceit can visit
as an angry response,
usually visited on those
who act innocently
in the desire to do what is right.
no matter the intentions
it is these who pay
in one way or another.
the question why may arise,
but will never be answered.
this has been the way of things.
always this way they will be.

it can be as a result
of disseminating information
read by some
who do not approve.
so the word goes back
and the judgment is made,
acted upon quickly,
and this voice is silenced,
one that wants to scream loudly,
but will not for now,
maybe never again to be heard,
one that spoke loudly against the injustice.

it is in the plan of things
already predestined by one above,
who watches continuously
and listens to every prayer
even the silent ones of this voice
that no longer speaks,
feeling the turmoil that abounds,
causing confusion and even fear,
not that of being shunted,
because the self does not matter.
only those who continue to suffer do,
and those who support them.

confusion and fear, enemies of the people,
silencer of some - like this one voice -
brought on by the long arm that reaches,
destroying the good spirit in many,
this arm that wants to destroy all support.
it works silently, relentlessly,
exerting its power over many
to achieve the end results so coveted
no matter who is hurts.
some stand strong against its reach,
while others - like this voice -
are finally silenced.

how others can be so consumed
with earning some kind of "glory,"
following their own agendas
in guise of the work they do
that should be done from the heart,
will never be understood.
pretense is the word that describes this.
there are some like this,
but there are many others
who put themselves last,
not looking for anything for themselves,
but for that which will benefit those in need.

there are two beasts,
one known by many,
the other well hidden
but one that could destroy all.
some may know of this,
yet never mention it to others,
because it is a poison,
one that can be spread rapidly
by those only in it for themselves.
they are the ones to watch out for,
the ones that help spread this malaise,
something which could defeat us all.

one voice silenced is just that,
only one voice of many.
the others will continue -
in pursuance of what is right.
they must press on
until perhaps one day
others will listen,
and join with them to stop the madness,
to squelch both beasts.
another voice will replace this one,
and call loudly for the injustice to stop
without this one that no longer speaks.

the wolf is my messenger


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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

copyright © July 6, 2001, by louve14
revised 2 january 2004
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