this sacred land

Black Mesa Arizona

it is dark yet
movement begins
walking in beauty
treading softy
on this sacred land
heading down toward
the ceremonial fire
stakes surround
this sacred place
in the form of a hogan
sacred in itself
one enters quietly
other shadowy figures
following soon behind
in this darkness
all entering from the east
forming a sacred circle
the aroma of sweetgrass
fills the early morning air
as all who enter are purified
once they are here
sunrise songs are sung
while the sun begins its ascent
from behind the mountains
prayers are offered
while this sun rises
sacred cedar tobacco
sprinkled on this fire
once these prayers
are completed
remembering the People
reflecting on why
they are gathered here
all who have joined
together in unity
greeting the day
with deep respect
for one another
for all living things
for this sacred land
most leave here quietly
some lost in thoughts
some softly speaking
some still reflecting
on why they are here
but each is ready
to greet this new day
the power of the Altar
is felt by all here
all who come
with goodness
in their hearts
and walk gently
on this sacred land.


the wolf is my messenger




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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb


copyright © 9 august 2oo4, by louve14
revised 16 august 2004
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