The Desert 4     

Emptiness, feelings of longing,
the need for the open road,
those blue highways
the ones Frost described
as "the road less travelled,"
taking me home once again to the desert
now only in dreams, troubled dreams,
but only dreams just the same.

Closing my eyes immediately transported
there where I can fly on the wings
of an eagle, soaring over the desert,
over the many canyons tucked deep
in the mountains of Arizona, my only home.

I can make those lazy circles with the hawk,
looking for prey, as I look at the beauty
of the sands, the cacti, the animals,
emerald green eyes ever watchful of all that I see.
What calls me here? Have I ever really left?
Or is it so much a part of me that I can't?

The desert is in me, running through my veins,
always in my thoughts. It is part of my soul.
Only here is the call of the wild,
even in summer's welcomed heat, or the chill of winter.
Always here I come for peace, for calm, for solitude.
Only here is it found.

So much a part of me, it's constantly in my thoughts,
shaping every movement, every breath I take.
Always it calls to me,
whether it be the dead of night or the early morning,
Never try to take the desert from me. You can't.
It is so inborn that totally it is me.
Every waking moment calls me here, even dreams,
the thoughts, the memories of things lost
never to be found again, to be felt.

Always will I have this place the desert.
Always will I be guided here.
Always will my quests end here.
Always will it be a part of me,
my lifeblood, my sustenance.
Always will it call to me.
Even with the emptiness
that consumes, whether it
be the blue highways or my
dreams, they carry me here only.

Yes, the desert is part of me, always there,
          in every thought,
               in every action,
                    in every word,
                         in every breath,
                              for without it,
                                   I shall cease to exist.


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the wolf is my messenger

"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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