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The lonely howl of
the coyote is heard
off in the distance
in this place, the desert,
even in the mountains.
It is the untouched
wilderness, still free
from what man calls progress.
How long can this last
before man takes this away,
making it a concrete jungle?
The sands, hot to the touch,
stretch on forever.
But even in summer
this place calls to those
in need of the solitude
offered only here.

Here one can lose
oneself purposely,
find peace, find calm.
Even with the sweltering
heat of the day as the
sun bakes all there,
there is a certain
something only found
here for those who have
this place in their hearts,
pumping through their veins.
It is this kind of person
who would be lost anywhere
else, feel out of place,
not feel the belonging
only found here in this
vast untamed wilderness.

There is company
in this place for those
who know. The Spirits
are here, always watching,
so even the trickster,
the coyote, cannot act
without them knowing.
And for those who seek
this place for comfort,
here they are safe,
here they can contemplate,
here they can stay if
they know the desert,
surviving on what is here
or fasting to find truth,
meaning for their lives
learning their purpose.

Still others seek the
desert for other reasons,
a place to get away,
far away from the city,
to be left alone in their
thoughts, to find new
meaning when all seems
lost. Here they may find
it, or maybe not, but it
is here for them, for all.
Even the heat doesn't
affect them because
they are deep in thought,
lost in another world,
looking for answers,
perhaps finding them,
or perhaps not this time.

The beauty of the desert
here in Arizona can
be found no where else.
No where do they have
the breathtaking sunsets,
or that of the sunrises.
Deep in the desert
where not another
soul is around, here
the place is right for
those questioning, looking
for answers, watching
the heat emanate
from the ground in waves
but feeling nothing.
Here those few come
and stay as they need.

Sometimes to bring
music with them, the flute
music, that floats
on the air, helps them
become one with their
environment, thinking
more deeply, questing
for those answers found
perhaps here through visions,
perhaps here with the help
of the mellow tunes
of Nakai's flute, "Earth
Spirit." This can take
them floating on the
billowing white clouds
that pass overhead or
see past all that is there.

Still the lonely howl
of the coyote
is heard, which becomes
a chorus as night falls
on the desert, cooling
the ground from the heat
of the day. Still one
can sit or journey
further into the
desert, escaping
perhaps from those things
consuming the mind,
looking for release
that can only be
found here, here amidst
the cacti, there for a
purpose, for survival.

To watch the stars
at night filling the sky,
but not really seeing
them, here that can be.
No interruptions,
no hassles, only
the Spirits and other
life that awakens at
night, filling the night
air with their sounds
instead of human
voices. But there are
other voices if one
listens intently,
those which give answers
whether these answers
be those sought or not.

Yes, it is here I
come, searching for all
the desert offers.
It is the desert
that runs through my veins.
It is here from which
I can never be far.
It sustains me always.
It is here when answers
are sought, help from the
Spirits, anything
to show me the way,
the way out of the
darkness that encases
my heart. Maybe this
time this desert and
the music will help
release these feelings.

Strange as it may seem
it is the spirit
of the wolf which brings
me back, always
searching for renewal.
It follows me in
my dreams, calling to
me to search for those
answers so long desired.
It is the spirit
of the wolf that guides
me through my life.
It is the spirit
of the wolf that draws
me here, to the desert.
Even it knows the desert
is deep in my soul, always there.

Here where there are no
doors to lock, no cars
to pollute, back to
a simpler time, one less
hurried, less complicated,
always it beckons,
calling to me like the
spirit of the wolf,
drawing me away
from the public eye
to privacy, to be
lost in my thoughts,
in my feelings,
in my hurt, here to
renew my soul, to
become whole again,
to be only me.

Always I come back.
One time may be the
right one to find the
answers sought for so
long. And until they
are found, I must keep
trying, coming back
to this place, this one
of calm, of solitude.
No, I will never
totally leave here
because the desert
is an integral
part, something that cannot
be taken from me for
should it happen,
I shall cease to exist.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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