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the desert is a lonely place at dusk
when the last streaming rays of Father Sun
no longer reaching down to Mother Earth
give the desert floor a kind of respite
from the unrelenting heat of the day.
all is quiet but the constant footsteps
of a lone figure making its way west
in search of some unknown place.
being easier to travel at dusk,
the heat not as unrelenting
as in the scorching daylight,
continuing as on some predestined quest,
this figure purposely makes its way
through this place untouched by time.

it is the insurmontable beauty
of the desert that draws all who are lost
to find that spirit within
that spirit which is in all of us
though some may deny its existence.
here is the atmosphere for all lost souls
to gather to find themselves again.
the desert brings it out in some of us,
those of us who know the true meaning
of why this one area appeals to many.
it is the solitude, the peace, the knowing.

the desert is its own little world,
a place which experiences the extremes
whether it be the severe heat of summer
or the chilling cold of the winter.
it is a holy place, one that is sacred,
a place so unlike anything else on earth.
here is where all life struggles to survive,
definite survival of the fittest,
but the beauty of the desert is unsurpassed.

the sunsets are unlike any anywhere else,
each evening the sky exploding into a profusion
of oranges, pinks, grays, purples, yellows.
one can only marvel at these wonders,
seek the sustenance only the desert
can give. those who seek its nourishment
find true harmony, balance, peace here.
this is the arizona desert.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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