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[This was written in response to what happened at Big Mountain, August 17, 2001. We must rise up as one voice against the Beast. Never can we be silent as long as things like those that happened today continue. Never can we accept defeat. Those of us who respect one another in all ways are the ones who will triumph.]

tears of frustration, of anger,
fill the river, now churning
with wild, white water rapids,
threatening its banks,
menacing a flood
in what was once something serene
a long, long time ago,
long before the IRA,
long before the greed,
a time when there was respect
for one another and Mother Earth.

now machines rip at her skin.
brother turns against brother.
lies continue to be told.
eyes and ears close to the truth.
some say it's only outsiders;
"the People themselves didn't ask for help."
others throw in their two cents worth,
agreeing, just to follow the crowd.
another says "the army hasn't shown up there;
let the People handle it amongst themselves."
but one stands up, loudly shouting NO!

why do they refuse to see?
this can not continue.
all that is sacred must be respected,
or all will be lost forever.
more gather behind this one
who refuses to accept this injustice,
and together their voices
ring out as one
more loudly than before.
there must be a stop
to all this madness.

as long as the nightmare continues
and those others don't open their eyes,
trouble will be brewing,
one which will destroy all
because the BEAST will raise
its ugly head once again,
looking knowingly on those
who believe its lies,
who refuse to lift a finger,
and who will be the masters
of their own destruction.

yes, the BEAST smiles
on those who are ignorant,
but frowns as those gathering
with that one voice
grow in number,
calling more loudly than before,
knowing that lies are told,
that they are meant
not only to deceive,
but to control
anyone who listens.

these gathering voices
slowly become louder,
sounding as one
ringing out over the land,
the land which is sacred,
this land called Black Mesa.
no matter how many are arrested
never will they back down,
but instead gather strength
because Creator is on their side,
the only one which is right.

still the lies continue,
hoping to mesmerize
as the BEAST works tirelessly.
but prayers rise up
from this growing group.
they all have names
but ask nothing for themselves.
they do not want recognition.
they do this as one heart
for the seventh generation,
for Diné resisters, for Mother Earth.


running wolf

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb

copyright © August 17, 2001, by louve14
revised 15 january 2005

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