the sun slowly shows its face over the crest of the mountain top,
bathing the canyon floor and all that is there in warmth,
taking the chill left behind by the night air of before,
heralding a new day for those who continue to quest
for answers, maybe to be found this day. so one begins to think.

lies, deceit, theft - three little words that can scar for a lifetime.
but just the same, they're visited upon many, too many,
for many reasons since the beginning of time
whether it be the treaties forced and broken by the government
or that of relationships, long distance or nearby.

tears of sadness fall, knowing all the things that have been done,
tears that can't be stopped until all are treated justly, and not face
an uncertain future, one filled with these lies, deceit, theft, abuse.
one wanting to take all this on, to take all the pain suffered by others.
can this be possible knowing that so many suffer at the hands of others?

so why are there those who still quest for honor, for peace, for fairness, for justice?
is it because if they don't keep trying, all life will lose all meaning, all purpose?
these quests continue in many forms whether it be an honor ride, a global peace walk,
the takeover of a building, court cases, or the refusal to sign the BEAST'S agreements.
these are among the many thoughts that cloud one's mind with the sunrise.

who are these people who continue?
is it men like leonard peltier who lives for his people?
or the grass roots oyate who quest for justice in pine ridge?
or is it people everywhere who have ever been cheated,
lied to, tramped on, harassed, abused, and other countless horrors?

yes, the light of the sun brings the promise of a new day.
will this day be one in which all this injustice will disappear?
will this be the day, one long in coming, when all are treated as humankind?
without some hope, the day turns dark with fear, uncertainty, and hate.
the clouds cover the face of the sun, and ominously threaten all.

these clouds cover the longest holocaust in history, one never discussed,
one never acknowledged by the mainstream because if they did,
they would have to admit to all that has happened as a result
and all that continues to happen, something which should not be.
when will they ever open their eyes and see what they've done?

for all those who fill the prisons and cannot practice their sacred ceremonies,
for all those falsely imprisoned because others fear their strength as leaders,
for all those who fill the buildings of their homeland demanding justice,
for all those trying to remain on their homelands fighting relocation,
today is a new day in which no matter how many clouds are present, they still fight.

there are those few who continue their quest in spite of everything.
they must continue for dignity, for honor, for justice for all.
with the break of each new day over the mountains, deserts and plains,
they will continue for they can never accept that all is lost.
they do this for themselves, for all their relations, for the seventh generation.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb



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