sadness abounds everywhere
(dedicated to one who also feels this way. you know who you are.)

sadness abounds everywhere
gray skies blanket everything this early morning,
the steady sound of rain falling, the only sound,
the skies filled with clouds that shrouded everything
the night before, no stars, only Grandmother Moon,
a ghostly glow peeking through them
one there outside, arms raised to the sky,
palms facing, in a silent call for help
nothing but gloom surrounds everything now
on this day--it is within and all around,
encasing the heart securely, a strangle hold
there is disappointment yet again.
no response for what is needed
       a simple request--
       sheepherder needed--
       a request for help
       meetings needed to be attended
       to speak for the People
       but his sheep still need care
       the lifeblood of his family.
but these needs have been ignored
nothing but silence hangs in the air
because they did not answer

maybe they are just too wrapped up
looking for this war to start
the one wanted by the suits in DC
these hawks that know nothing
another diversionary tactic
is all that this is, that and a fight
for political life, but his arrogance
alienates most in other countries
this illusion of power,
imperialistic tendencies
he thinks he can do anything.
but the war is here
one not often spoken of
        the war against the Beast
        who greedily feeds 
        on the ignorance of some
        the innocence of others
        feeding on the confusion
        the uncertainty of what is to come
        while greedily eating up sacred lands
so these that remain silent,
only after that which fits their agendas,
remain numb to any call for help.

these who call themselves supporters
where are they now?  are they really
only the many appendages of the Beast
off on some other crusade, another cause?
those who disappear for long periods,
act like they were never gone
continuing what they did in the past
is this a control issue as well
or still the workings of the Beast
since the reasons for disappearance
still remain, perhaps stronger now,
yet this unknown agenda of theirs
will again censor those who do not agree
        there is no trust
        where it should be
        there is no respect
        for the needs of the People
        tears fall this day
        in frustration, in sadness
        but prayers continue
knowing the People have been neglected
still our voices will carry their message
never to be silent till our last breath





the wolf is my messenger





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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb






copyright © 15 march 2003 by louve14
revised 18 march 2003
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