Prayers are now with Lori Piestewa and her family to give them strength during this very difficult time. Her body was identified as one of seven bodies found around 10:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, April 4, 2003. It is said that she passed on that first day of capture. She and her family are paying the ultimate sacrifice. Prayers are also with all those families with young men and women caught in this catch-22 in hope that they will soon be reunited with their families at home.

the ultimate sacrifice

an expression of gratitude for their sacrifice
that is what it was called--
            the ultimate sacrifice,
            one that need never have happened--
but the warmongers are at work, those hawks
endangering the lives of those
deployed to the middle east
these who sleep comfortably at home
especially that one who gave the orders
starting this "conflict," bypassing normal channels
he doesn't have to ask them anymore
        he can do as he wishes
        he made sure of that
with the homeland security act
something that was in the works
long before September 11
just as the plans for this "conflict" in Iraq

now everyone is in danger
as he alienates the world,
not having to worry
about his family, all girls,
probably off in some bar, drunk,
never having to fight himself
born with that silver spoon,
letting the poor fight those battles
he is spending billions already
in just three days
        all this done
        in the name of freedom
but this freedom is gone
here at home
        the Constitution
        not worth the paper
        it is written on

they say this world will be a safer place
something they always say
the same old lines
but these who paid with their lives
will never again be with their families
will never see their children grow up
        children without their fathers
        wives without their husbands
        husbands without their wives
        mothers without their sons
        fathers without their daughters
who pays for the ultimate sacrifice?
is it these families now torn apart?
        prayers are with these families
        who have lost so much
prayers are with those overseas
caught in this catch-22

it is the lies, the deceit
blindly followed by many
they who believe the diatribe
put out by the suits
he who gave the order
          does not represent
          the American people
          this is a country
          in distress
civil liberties, gone
freedom of speech, gone
voice in the government, gone
there is no protection for anyone
          even citizenship is at stake
          something that can be snatched
          in the blink of an eye

the ultimate sacrifice?
this will be made many times over
before this "conflict" is over
this "conflict" will continue here
it is already with the censure
of those who do not agree
those who feel deep embarrassment
of the leadership in this country
of those who protest this war
being called un-American
it is the village idiot at work
he who can sleep at night
          while the rest of us
          spend sleepless nights,
remembering the words
of Martin Niemoeller, beginning--
"first they came for the communists..."

flag of distress


the wolf is my messenger




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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota proverb



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