destruction of the sacred

they came one morning
to add insult to injury,
showing total disrespect
for all that is sacred.

through a woodchipper
they put the tree of life,
but not stopping there
for there was still more.

down came the prayer flags,
trampled in the dirt,
the picture of one
worth a thousand words.

one lone, yellow prayer flag,
left lying in the dirt,
a lone symbol of the disrespect,
disrespect for the sacred.

next were the sweat lodges,
and down they came,
leaving no remnant,
only total destruction.

all of those many
who had come to ceremony
were trampled, disrespected
with this devastating destruction.

with no conscience
in the early morning hours,
a time meant for prayer,
their brothers did this.

but isn't this what the Other
has always been looking for?
what better way is there
than to turn brother against brother?

what lessons are being taught here
to the seventh generation?
falsified arrests, disrespect for others,
and disrespect for all that is sacred?

soon must come that day
where brother joins hands with brother,
silencing this evil Beast forever,
bringing back this respect for all sacred.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

copyright © 6 February 2002, by louve14
all rights reserved


Use of picture of trampled prayer flag courtesy of Big Mountain Resisters