for what is right

they think they are fooling everyone
when they say they don't want the land,
not that at Black Mesa, but we know better.
we know it is a ruse. why else would there be
the accommodation agreement, the impoundments
by the bia, the inability to repair hogans?
why else would everything have gone to the courts?
why was the Manybeads case thrown out?
was it that the htc was afraid and therefore
not a "necessary and indispensable party"
in the litigation between Manybeads and the
united states? What is this "land dispute"?
who is this "land dispute" really between?
no, we know what you are up to, peabody coal.
you can never fool us. we watch and we wait
to see what your next actions will be.
the slurries already lap at the foot
of Big Mountain; we have seen what they do
to the land, this sacred land, to Mother Earth.
the destruction is widespread, poisoning the land
as it poisons the minds of others ruled
by that same greed. they think it is
for the benefit of those who need
the low sulfur coal, but it is
really for the green, the money,
they will receive for this commodity.
the future, that of the Dine'h People,
looks very promising. you will see;
they will win this battle.
they are the People.
they have us behind them.
we all stand for what is right.


the wolf is my messenger

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We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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