These Remembrances

Dreams, thoughts swirling
       still weigh heavy
late at night,
       constant remembrance
stabbing the heart,
continuously there,
but something to be carried --

Troubled dreams,
       of a life changed forever,
It doesn't take much
       for still they come.
It can be something simple
like a song on the radio
or the words someone says --

The hardest thing ever
       is letting go.
thinking of the other,
       but never of the self,
forcing things to remain
always like this,
never to be a chance --

The heart
       continues to cry out
silently, beating,
       wishing things
could be done differently,
that this was only a dream,
but this will not and cannot be --

What's done is done.
       Nothing can take back
the angry words spoken,
       the hurtful things said,
yet the yearning continues,
the remembrance is there,
in spite of everything --

But the past is just that
       and nothing more,
something which arises
       sometimes for no reason.
so an uncertain future lies ahead,
one filled with darkness,
brought about by this change --

Still in the deep recesses
       of the mind
these dreams
       of what once was,
of that something now gone,
but still living in the heart,
will never be forgotten --
             these remembrances.

The wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

copyright © 3 February 2002, by louve14
revised 14 december 2002

all rights reserved