it is racism

it is racism
that appears in many forms
whether it be the injustices
that occur in the prisons
where the real criminals
are those who work there,
not those imprisoned,
but those imprisoned
are subject continuously
to their illegal actions,
causing some to lose hope,
where the alleged actions
of one man, unjustly accused,
cause further reactions
against his people,
making him the scapegoat
while the one guilty,
one known to set a fire,
one who is white,
remains free.
where is the justice?

it is racism
that follows in society,
companies who refuse service
to those related
to this man accused,
held without bond,
yet we are all related.
but a white woman
responsible for another fire,
one set in Colorado,
is free on bond
until her trial.
others from his Nation
threatened by others, by whites,
told to watch their backs.
but the mainstream remains quiet,
acceptance through no reaction,
allowing this racism
to spread, and the innocent
are those who will suffer.
where is the justice?

it is racism,
the discontent and anger
of those who chose to lash out,
those who care not for justice,
those blinded by racist ideas,
actions and beliefs
that will destroy us all.
until there can come a time
where there is common respect
irregardless of their backgrounds,
this will continue,
fueled by the media
and other mainstream resources,
those that breed the hate,
teaching those who come after them
that this is the right way.
but it is not, never can be,
and must be challenged by those
unafraid to speak out
to join together as one family.
where is the justice?

you tell me
where this justice is.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb

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