an early morning prayer

dedicated to that one from the past

early morning reveries,
thoughts carried on the winds,
flying in all directions
only to come back as one
as in the darkness prayers are said.
yes, you are remembered here
as in many times in the past
though engulfed in detachment
but remembrance nonetheless.
may soft, warm winds comfort you.
may good health and good fortune
follow you wherever you go.
may your life be filled with love
and much happiness always.
may it be filled with balance
and with peace and harmony,
and laughter as you travel
life's journey in a good way,
walking in beauty always.
this is my prayer for you.

the wolf is my messenger

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 "We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb

copyright © 25 January 2002, by louve14
revised 14 February 2002
all rights reserved