the sun breaks over the horizon
coloring the sky with its beauty,
another early morning with memories,
those of a time long ago
when everything was so real.
it was a time of closeness,
of balance or what seemed to be.

but now that time has passed.
yet the memories continue to linger,
forever filling the mind and heart
of that second time long ago,
yes, long past but not forgotten,
and the same decision prevails
to follow life's journey solo.

no matter how many others come this way,
this can be the only possible choice,
and the desire to put aside the memories,
those which still fill many waking moments,
as do the feelings, now a hollow ache.
thoughts of what could have been
still haunt her in the early hours.

everything is rehashed over and over again,
of words both spoken and unspoken,
of the anger, the hurt, and the beauty
as that time long ago is remembered,
sometimes clouding thoughts completely,
other times lingering on the environs.
still they are always there and the need.

the need is to hit the open highways,
to cast all care out the open windows,
speeding along these winding roads,
heading for that one place
which can only bring peace of mind,
at least for those who know it,
the desert wilderness,
the Superstitions of Arizona.

but this place is being destroyed
as progress encroaches even closer,
the beauty, the land, are disappearing,
this place which is so spiritual,
but only known by a few for what it has -
the peace, the balance, the harmony -
like that of another life, once long ago.

as always these thoughts turn to others,
those who face hardship at the hands of others,
accommodation agreements, impounded livestock,
capped wells, the land continually changing,
no longer what it was before the Beast.
the senseless arrests, the lies often told,
the desecration of the sacred, all has to stop.

a common respect and dignity for all
must return soon to stop this madness.
a celebration of life, no more challenge
brought forth by those filled with greed.
what began as simple memories have now turned
to that of all the others, those more important,
those who deserve that peaceful life.

but those times when memories turn to the past,
many wishes are sent out silently on the winds,
filled with nothing but good wishes for his life,
one filled with much happiness, good health,
even a significant other, and much beauty.
these thoughts also rise sometimes with the sun,
dreams of those memories of a time long ago.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known
by the tracks we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb

copyright 7 January 2002, by louve14
revised 10 november 2004
all rights reserved