what is life

 what is life
it is this land
        here and now
once held sacred
            this land now raped
                water sources abused
                bulldozers reaped the plants
            that once provided medicines
    that once were food
        many changes coming
so much so quickly
that what was here before
        is here no more

it is Mother Earth
who sustains us
        listen to her heart
beating    beating    beating
            to her silent tears
           falling   falling   falling
                there is the buzz
                 of the logger's saw
                   in the forests
                    that disappear 
                        barren land left behind
                                            habitats gone
                                                        the air grows foul
                                            dirty fossil fuels 
                                                    now the prize
                                                                stripped from Her
                                        by those
                                           who see dollar signs
                    and the skies grow black
            the wells dry up
    what was full of life
now dry stream beds
           drought everywhere
as it grows warmer
        with each new theft
            with each new attack
              gone is
             the balance
            the peace
            the harmony

           Earth Mother
      cries out in pain
    in silence
 no one
left to answer



the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb


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revised 27 february 2005

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