This was written in reaction to the powers that be that have invoked this thing called the Patriot Act, something that is most definitely a paradox. Since its passage and implementation these powers have looked within their own borders, looking to squash those who do not agree with or support it. Now they go after those that they feel threaten them pretty much like they went after Leonard Peltier or how they go after John Graham now. A Grand Jury has been convened, one to find ways to terrorize AIM members and supporters, in particular, Germaine Tremmel and about 100 others. Prayer Gatherings sprung up in support of those whose names have come before this Grand Jury. It is a time of fear. Read this thing they call the Patriot Act. Some have coined the term Homeland Gestapo to describe it. While it is lengthy, it is important that you know what the powers that be are doing. The Constitution is no longer anything more than another piece of paper. No one's rights are protected anymore, especially those who have spoken out against the destruction of their homelands, those lands that continue to be held "in trust" so that the government can control the rape of these lands. This is a country in distress.


it is the pretense of protection,
this thing they call the patriot act,
promoting brother to spy on brother,
creating avenues to suppress opposing views,
lifeways they have been trying to destroy
for over five hundred years.
but this act fools only some,
those gullible ones who believe all,
accepting all that they hear
like sheep led to slaughter.
others know better than to believe
the reasons given for its creation
to be in the best interests
to protect the peoples
from what they say is terrorism
when in reality the terrorists
are those who created
and implemented this law,
this one they call the patriot act,
when in reality freedoms once enjoyed
by the masses blind to this all
slip away into deep recesses
as sadly history repeats itself.
still some have concerns
while their names are mentioned
ringing behind closed doors
by this thing they call grand juries,
placing all that threaten them
under scrutiny, looking for ways
to put them away, out of the mainstream,
some for things that happened long ago.
it is through this that they try
to destroy the People.
many stay in the darkness
afraid to voice their support
afraid of any repurcussions
afraid that their names
will also be mentioned
behind these closed doors.
but still there are those
who gather in sacred places
to pray for the safety
of those whose names
arise behind closed doors.
yet some lash out angrily
while others speak to Creator,
quietly in many languages,
in beauty their words are said,
in beauty their words are said,
voices of young and old heard.
it is to stand united,
united in prayer,
to refuse to bow
to the wishes
to the terror created
to the trickery
to the deception
to the abuse of power
of that select few,
those who control
who continue
to lie, lie, lie...



the wolf is my messenger



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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb


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