she's gone

she's gone,
on to another life,
one that was inevitable,
and now there is silence.
she said she wanted to stay home,
here in the safety of a parent's love,
but i told her she will feel differently,
the time has come to spread her wings
no matter how much i don't like it
it is something i accept.
so it is home to an empty house,
one that used to be filled
with the noise of the TV,
the many channels of MTV,
MSNBC, Hardball, CNN,
and others,
all that sparked discussion,
heart to heart talks,
about what is happening in this world,
one that seems to turn uglier
with each passing day.
how can i comfort her?
all seems to be on a path
certain for destruction,
but i am here always
here when she needs me
here even when she doesn't,
for i am mom, first, last, always,
in a home where the doors are always open.
thoughts of her sweet voice ringing out,
calling "mom," knocking on the door,
always there will be memories
even cradling a small one,
one who fit snugly in my arms,
now grown, facing the world.

they grow up much too fast
but they are our future,
the ones who will bring back the peace,
the ones who will refuse to accept this madness,
the ones upon whom our existence depends.

the wolf is my messenger

"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota proverb

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