[This has been written in support of the Diné and Hopi after watching for many years what has been going on at Black Mesa with hope that there are others out there who feel the same outrage. Write to your US Senators; demand an oversight hearing take place on the land. Demand that these laws passed that only favor the interests of greed be rescinded. Should you be moved to help Diné and Hopi who live on Black Mesa by writing these letters, know that they are much appreciated. If there are enough of these letters, perhaps they will no longer fall on deaf ears, that the rights of those who live there be honored. Need to find the address? Visit this page.

Want to do something else to help? Please see take action at Dine'h Links. Many thanks for your support.]

relocation is genocide

they think it is over
something from the past
        it didn't happen here they say
they dream
they know nothing of what has happened
        continues to happen

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

nor do they try to understand
no time is taken
relocation is nothing
        happens every day they say
their values, their belief systems
diametrically opposed to those affected
        oblivious to the differences

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

trouble visited long ago
began with one law
the People uninformed now suffer
        happens to everyone these laws they say
but they know nothing
don't take the time to try to understand
        it is not important

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

remembrance, Broken Rainbow
blasts happen black dust filling the skies
        happens because electricity is needed they say
it's not sacrifice - just something needed
a small price to pay for comfort
        happens every day - gotta have that a.c.

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

a fence dividing, some finding themselves
on the wrong side of this fence
        happens because of that law, PL 93-531, they say
yet fences appear in other places here,
those with no gates,
        around sacred places used for prayer

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

Hopi rangers posted around these places,
there to make sure no one enters
        happens because the People have no right they say
calling them trespassers
harassing all who come near
        harassment is not new here

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

deep holes
some maybe thirty feet appear
        things happen they say
the N-Aquifer collapsing
the sole water source for Diné and Hopi
        is polluted by this coal slurry

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

1.3 billion gallons a year
stolen by peabody to slurry this coal
       happens to feed the mohave generating plant they say
no groundwater plan developed
none needed, only the impetus to strip mine more coal
        feeding the careless wants of those it feeds

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

pure water, water for drinking
wasted on the Black Mesa pipeline
        happens to provide cheap power they say
power that costs those dearly who use it
the rich get richer
       the welfare of the Diné and Hopi ignored, forgotten

blinders worn
put there by the BEAST

it is a land turned brown, much drought-stricken
with no change in forecasts for the near future
       happens maybe because of global warming they say
so the People, their animals, the land suffer
but those driven by their greedy interests
       continue to do as they have always done

blinders are worn
put there by the BEAST

what is needed, bring the iac to Black Mesa
convene an oversight hearing for the Diné and Hopi
       this should happen -- it is the right thing to do we say
there on the land for the People to voice their concerns
showing them that they are valued as are their lives
       on the land so abused, filled with capped wells

but blinders are worn
put there by the BEAST

relocation is not an option
relocation is genocide
R E L O C A T I O N   I S   G E N O C I D E!



the wolf is my messenger

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