these dreams which follow for a lifetime

dreams of another time, another place,
of the mountains and all their beauty,
of the deserts, their thundering silence
that greets those who come to think,
all these in nothing but dreams,
but dreams that follow every step
always there, deep in the mind's chasms,
haunting continually those who are lost.

dreams are forever clouding the mind,
remembrances of times long past,
of that carefree childhood
when the only thoughts were simple,
uncomplicated, thoughts of which games,
what friends to seek for play,
which adventure to try that day
or playing ball with man's best friend.

dreams follow into adolescence,
a time when simplicity disappears.
the asserting of one's independence
while beginning to take a good hard look
at all in this world, the nightmare begins.
injustice begins to show its ugly head,
and things aren't so simple anymore.
the search begins here through these dreams.

dreams of what should be but are not,
those are the ones continually churning,
causing confusion as the stand is taken
for what is just, often ignored by others,
those who prefer the safety of their living rooms
often only wrapped up in themselves, selfish souls,
whose only concern is their individual wants.
these are the ones most fearful.

dreams become even more difficult
with each new sunrise, filled with fear,
one that spreads with each new injustice,
with each renewed attempt at destruction,
when those things necessary to life
slowly but surely begin to disappear -
the plants, the trees, the water, the wildlife, us.
when will these others ever learn? or will they?

still the many dreams follow always,
along with the prayers on the winds,
spreading out wide in the four directions,
bringing hope with the dawn of each new day,
for the healing of Mother Earth and her children,
to quell the nightmares that continue their haunting.
as long as the injustice and destruction exist
all must stand strong until these all disappear.

dreams carry some back to the desert,
back to the silence, the peace, the balance,
while others look to the mountains,
to the canyons, each special in their own way,
the places where all these dreams are made.
no matter where, no matter what is seen,
around each corner the most amazing is found,
these dreams which follow for a lifetime.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known
by the tracks we leave behind."

Dakota proverb

copyright © november 19, 2001, by louve14
revised 28 may 2004
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