the winds blow off the waters,
the waves crashing in,
arising in crescendo
with each new set,
continuously, without end.
an early morning chill
hangs in the air,
the sky still black
except for those distant orbs,
a few stars glittering,
as the sky melts as one
with the horizon,
a dark mass fitting the mood,
one of sorrow, of pain.

this is a place of solitude,
a place which beckons to those
who come here to reflect
to think, to wonder,
to listen to the waves,
to hear their message,
to smell the salty sea air,
and to lose oneself.
yes, to turn within oneself,
this can be the place.
Soon caught in thought,
oblivious to all around,
the mind wanders
to a time long ago.

this time,
something which never
should have happened again,
did. Unexpected surprises come.
sometimes disturbing the balance,
making it seem past lessons are
forgotten, causing fear to arise.
so, again the emptiness
becomes abysmal for all
human emotion. Again it pulls
at the spirit unrelentlessly.
existence in this world
is but a speck in relationship
to all time.

how to escape these feelings?
learn lessons well,
lessons not to be forgotten.
be on guard. don't allow anything,
anyone cause this imbalance again.
listen to the rhythm of the surf.
life goes on though at times
it may seem an impossibility.
release the feelings, the emotions,
like so many tiny grains of sand.
look to the future.
accept what is done.
move on and realize this will
never happen again - never.

and each time it is thought that
all is forgotten but then surfaces,
go back down to the beach.
realize the immorality of the beauty
of the spirits who live there.
ask for their help - don't be afraid.
they are there for you,
for me, for everyone.
and listen again to the sounds,
heed their message, that of peace.
all continues as the tides rise and fall
no matter what has happened.
again the balance will be restored.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

copyright January 15, 2000, by Louve14
last revised 10 February 2002

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