the desert is home

to come home again,
to the desert,
   unforgiving to some,
    but nourishing to others.
      it is not what it seems,
        the vastness, the arid landscape.
it is mystical to those of us
who know its beauty and
   all it has to offer.
    it tells the stories of long ago,
      those of a simpler time
        when man wasn't so consumed with greed.

to feel the hot desert winds blowing,
to take in visually all that is there,
   the saguaro, the barrel cacti, even the cholla, all have their place,
    offering sustenance to those who venture there
      to stay for a long time, to get away
        from the madness that exudes everywhere else.
this is a place for learning as well,
a place to find oneself
   to realize one's life can never be full
    or to see how small one is in the scheme of things.
      this is the desert,
        the place where the best lessons are taught.

these landscapes are unsurpassed,
never to be found anywhere else.
   they become so much a part of a person
    that it is difficult to separate the two,
      not that those like this would want it to happen,
        knowing only the desert can bring much needed balance and harmony.
yes, the desert pulses through a person's blood,
always there no matter where that person is.
   it calls in the dead of night,
    always there, inviting, pulling at one's spirit,
      this is home,
        the place one needs to be to feel whole.

the journey through life lasts but for a second,
the lessons carried from here always present.
   the many miles stretch on for what seems an eternity
    carrying with them the meaning, the knowledge, the peace,
      things rarely found anywhere else
        though they are carried in the empty pockets of the mind
for what may be far from this desert,
but always with the few who look to this place
   knowing that it is home no matter where they may be.
    this they carry with them always
      those few who know,
        the meaning found in the desert.

here everything is a challenge
but is guarded by those spirits,
   the ones who watch over those tied to these lands,
    bringing solace to those who seek it.
      it can be seen in the sunrises each morning
        and in the sunsets each evening.
here can be a place to hide
when those times are needed,
   to give rise to thoughtful reveries
    of all that consumes the mind.
      here everything becomes clear,
        and brings special meaning.

the desert is always with us,
those who value the meaning of the land,
   no matter what others try to do,
    still we have this place
      that we carry in our hearts, in our blood,
        no one being able to take this away.
no matter how much they try,
it will never happen.
   no matter how much they take,
    no matter how much they try to change,
      this will remain constant;
        this will always be.

if in need of what the desert has to offer,
try coming here, away from it all.
   learn the lessons offered,
    revel in its beauty, let it course through your blood.
      don't be afraid for it is here for you.
        it is here for everyone,
especially those who quest for truth,
those who respect our Earth Mother,
   knowing she must be protected.
    listen to her stories.
      know that the desert can become a part of you,
        something to treasure a lifetime.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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