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a sliver of a new moon
appears high in the night sky.
cool breezes blow off the water,
bringing a slight chill to the air.
waves roll in unceasingly,
an even rhythm continuously,
a mesmerizing feeling,
listening, lying back
on the quiet, sandy beach,
watching the stars
flicker in the somber sky.
thoughts fly over the waters,
swirling in all directions,
causing confusion, disconnection.
it is the rage of despair.

ocean waves

in life some come and stay
but there are some who leave,
and still their mark is left
one that forever changes us,
never to be the same again.
even though many say change
is good; to never see again,
that also is change,
but how are we better as a result?
so many unanswered questions,
conflicting emotions arise
at the surface as one watches,
reflects, prays for respite
to send all to a forgotten place.

desert sunset

a storm raging waiting to burst
is what it is, maybe better
to happen now than later.
still life continues. perhaps
devoid of meaning but still
it is life as the waves roll in,
never-ending, calling,
but not loudly enough.
thoughts turn always
to another place,
one totally different,
nothing like the beach,
but the call is stronger,
beckoning, drawing
one's mind and spirit
far from here
despite the change.


it is the call of the desert.
no matter what change may come,
it will always be there,
there for all who need it,
whether it be in dreams,
or just one small piece
of someone's heart and spirit.
it is there for needed balance
with all the prickly pear, mesquite,
bursage, saguaro, the heat
that envelopes, comforting all
who are apart of it no matter what.
it sings many songs,
drawing all those who know
the quiet serenity of the desert.

running wolf
the wolf is my messenger



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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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