Silently watching the dark shadows
grow longer, soon totally engulfing
everything in darkness as the wings
of night quickly descend over all,
bringing a slight chill to the air
and a different feeling of life,
there is one, only one,
standing on a ledge overlooking
the depths of the canyon that
stretch on forever to another time.
Staring way off into the distance,
physically there but not in mind,
something jars her attention,
bringing her back from her revelries.
The canyon calls to her to descend
into its depths to escape,
a long trip down a narrow path
to the winding river far below
at the end of this nocturnal trek.
Once this destination is reached
the blackness of night is greeted in prayer.
Carefully listening to the new sounds
which fill the night air as in all dreams,
the rushing river's white waters
pouring over the rocks which protrude,
the sound of the winds rustling through
the sparsely existent plant life,
the lonely howls of the coyotes
in the distance along with the low
rumbling of thunder and the song
of the crickets, the vigil begins.

Thunder continues to rumble in the distance,
but the stars still show their faces
at least for a time, other worlds
far from this place, another one sought
for solace, for comfort, for completeness.
Silently watching the night sky,
feeling as one with it, the earth, the life
which comes alive with the moonrise,
feeling like this away from other human
habitation, a place for reflection,
thoughts running wild as the currents,
thoughts of what once was but is no more,
thoughts of the ongoing plight of others,
sights of a face in a mind's eye,
so many things cloud her mind at once.
The rumbling continues but is closer,
the fragrance of the approaching rain
filling in the heavy air, enveloping her
as if in a tight blanket, yet she wonders,
trying to make sense out of it all,
wanting to, but just not finding it,
tears flowing down her cheeks
as the sky finally allows
the downpour through so that they blend
as one while the lightening streaks
across the night sky, lighting up
the entire canyon which fills with
the echoes of the ensuing thunder.

It crashes, breaking the harmony
of the night as the lightening still
slices through the sky, and the rain,
causes torrents in the rushing river
to race even faster over the rocks.
Thoughts keep tempo with those currents,
racing here and there, in all directions,
not one complete thought, but snatches of
different things which have happened,
those which should be forgotten but
still they cloud her many memories,
and those about others by the powers
that be, totally disregarding life
as it should be lived by all.
Even the deafening sound of the
thunder cannot eradicate
these thoughts, but rather intensify
them, bringing them to the surface,
and allowing the pain to again
engulf her frame, causing it to
shudder and her to cry out for
release. This new place seems not to
offer this as was desired but still
the quest must always continue.
Suddenly as it started the rain,
the thunder, the lightening stop,
the air is yet heavy but different
now, heavy with thoughts and the
stream of tears, flowing like the rivers,
tears for others, for loss, for herself.

The rain has endured the night, but
now at daybreak, a double rainbow
arches across the skies like the
spirits planned things that way,
showing a renewed hope for the day,
its many pastel hues brightening
the bright blue sky, yet clashing with
the red rock of the canyon walls.
She knows this now or seems to.
The canyon in all its majesty
is there for those who need it,
a respite from the crazy world,
the only place to let dreams fly
like an eagle playing on the winds,
but peacefully gliding through the air.
She is up in the air with that eagle,
thoughts soaring in every direction,
eyeing the canyon down below,
all its many nooks and crannies.
Soon there is the sound of running
on the flats, her arms outstretched.
hair whipping behind her as she
continues with careless abandon
jumping over rocks that arise in
her path, flying across the ground
in the shadow of the eagle, racing,
having no destination, no foe
except maybe herself, her mind,
her memories, now climbing up the path.

Still under the shadow of the eagle,
she races to keep up with it,
running harder now as she ascends
the path followed down the night before.
Forgotten is the promise of the double rainbow.
If she should lose sight of the eagle,
she will be lost, being unsure of her destiny.
Floating over the winding trail
the exit from the canyon is now imminent.
Where did all this energy come from
after a sleepless night spent in thought,
in prayer? But then the eagle turns to soar
in another direction as does she,
her feet leaving the side of the winding trail,
a sheer drop off one side, putting her
in mid air, at first flying like the eagle,
resembling another Icarus,
then plunging to the canyon floor below,
still under the shadow of the eagle,
but now with no more sorrow,
no more worries,
no more pain,
to consume her mind.

the wolf is my messenger



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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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