blindness lifts

blindness lifts,
but what is seen?
   the fear,
   the loathing,
       more harassment
       more impoundment
       more threats.
eviction looms
    because they don't listen,
       not the courts,
       not the politicians,
       yet we continue,
struggling to be heard
above the din
        the sound of the blasts
        peabody coal hard at work,
        stripping Mother Earth.

blindness lifts,
a quiet call to action
    the united few
    the struggle,
       more letters,
       more calls,
       more opposition.
there can be
    no genocide
        not anymore
        not in this lifetime.
       "relocation is genocide."
so the People
offer prayers,
        call on the sacred,
        call all to consciousness.
        to any who will listen.

blindness lifts,
the support grows,
    all mixed together
    mitakuye oyasin,
       for what is right.
       for the Elders,
       for Mother Earth.
all the many decisions
    none as they should be,
        rejecting religious rights,
        supporting the government,
        while others believe
it is a victory for them,
        things happening as they should,
        forgetting what has happened.       
        even the risk assessments long forgotten.

blindness lifts,
no matter the hurdles,
    arising out of ignorance,
    clouding the truth,
       falling on deaf ears
       the constant shouts for justice
       the cries of the People
yet Mother Earth shudders
    as never before
        with each tear at her skin,
        the pumping of her N-Aquifer,
   draining her precious water,
changing forever the landscape,
drying up the land,
       stealing her resources.
       the call of resistance is loud -
       yes, the blindness lifts.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

copyright © April 26, 2001, by Louve14
revised 26 december 2002
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music from elan michaels