they asked

they asked
     why do this project
i answered
     soon you will see
     this is real
they asked
     why is this water important
i answered
     many wells have dried up
     wells used by the People
     plants have disappeared
     those used for medicines
they asked
     what happened to the water
i told them
     it disappeared in the pipeline
     the one used to slurry the coal
they asked
     but won't the water come back
i told them
they asked
     what is this coal used for
i told them
     to light the lights of los angeles
     to run the air conditioners of phoenix
     to light the neon lights of las vegas
     cheap energy
     dirty energy
     destroying the land
     and its People
they asked
     why isn't this is the news
i told them
     because the media says
     they are only indigenous
     they are resisters
     they do not matter
again they asked
     but why haven't i read about this in the news
and i answered
     this follows what has happened in history
     any minerals found on indigenous lands
     lands once thought to be useless
     the government sees fit to take away
     no matter the cost for those who live there
     never thinking twice about what it does
     to the People, to the land
     it is the government's best kept secret
they asked
     how do you know these things
i answered
     because i am connected
     and so are you
they asked
     what are we supposed to do
i told them
     learn the effects
     of Peabody Energy
     on Black Mesa
they asked
     what do we look for
i answered
     read closely,
     see the effects
     on the Dine',
     on the traditional Hopi,
     on the land
they asked
     what can we do to help
i told them

the innocence of youth
i watched their expressions
very seriously researching
some going beyond what was asked
     and i smiled
          knowing they will continue to watch,
          knowing they realize
          this is more than a simple project
they asked many questions
and i answered.

the seed has been sown.

the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota Proverb 

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revised 22 december 2002
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