dreaming arizona

dreaming arizona
her sunsets splashed across the sky
her sunrises that greet the morn
her blue highways, an escape
to those places sacred,
always carried in the heart
arizona calls me home
in each waking moment
in fitful nights of slumber
in dreams, in thoughts
on the edges of consciousness,
an omnipresence calling, beckoning,
known only by a select few
but misunderstood by others,
those who seek to destroy,
still she is always there
pulling me back always
to her forests, to her deserts,
to her wildernesses,
to places of the past,
to those of solitude,
peace, balance, harmony
found only here on these lands
connection, comfort, belonging,
things that bring true definition
always a longing, feeling lost --
always dreaming arizona


the wolf is my messenger



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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb


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