In Honor of Roberta Blackgoat

A celebration of a life well lived
still the tears flow with your passing,
mother, grandmother, warrior, mentor,
all of these things and so much more,
Roberta Blackgoat,
you are missed,
felt in the rain that fell lightly
with the news of your passing,
one that brought much sadness
and sacred prayer which continues.

I thought you’d be here forever,
yet know that you haven’t really left.
I feel you all around, in the winds
in the sun's warm rays, in the rain.
I see you in the clouds in the sky,
in the sunrises and in the sunsets,
in the ocean waves, and in the trees.
Your gentleness and strength
surround all of us as we continue.
Still you are greatly missed.

Many words of others have been spoken,
in remembrance, honoring you,
words that will continue.
Your words will continue to guide us,
those who loved and deeply respected you.
Yes, you touched many in a good way,
something that will continue to be felt.
I know your work will not go unfinished,
but will be continued with you in our hearts.
The circle will be unbroken.


the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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revised 30 July 2002
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