Grandmother Roberta, we miss you

it was a year ago wednesday, april 23, 2003,
    a day that weighed heavily
but the sadness began the week before,
    something not understood,
    something not immediately reflected
in the consciousness where there lay a void
a gloomy day, one filled with deep sadness
but not understanding why
then the realization hit
        she passed this day
        one year ago
        she passed on
but she never really left us,
        her spirit
            still felt in the silence
                still carried in our hearts
                    still very much a part of the land

still the drum beats--the heartbeat of the land
and her spirit still walks across these mesas
        she has never really left
        she will be here always
            her voice heard
                in the howling winds
                    blowing across the mesas
                        and in the beat of the drum...
                            Grandmother, we miss you.


the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."
Dakota proverb





copyright © 7 may 2003, by louve14
all rights reserved