the words she left behind

the words she left behind --
words that will live on,
a lifetime of work
for the land she loved,
a land constantly changing
but not in a good way,
because of the actions of others.

now it is up to us,
those she left behind
to carry on this good work,
and do it in a good way,
to preserve this land
she loved so much,
to stop its destruction.

her words will continue to echo
throughout Big Mountain,
in the hearts of those who miss her,
in spirits of those who remain,
in her words that continue to echo,
"the Creator is the only one
who's going to relocate me."

but she is still there -- always will be --
in every action we take --
in the words she left behind


the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks
we leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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