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Unrepentent: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide

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This page of links is dedicated to Native Americans and some of the issues they face. For information on the Dine'h see the link above. There are links here where you can take direct action, something which I hope you will find in your heart to do. The links to the other pages have been provided at the top for your easy access. On March 20, 2008, an overhaul was completed on this page to remove the dead links. Hopefully all of them have been found and removed.

These sites will provide a learning experience for all. Below this description these tags should take you quickly to the section which most interests you.

Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)


Native American Holiday | Long Walk 2 | Pine Ridge | Leonard Peltier | Sovereignty | Other Sites of Importance | Other Sites of Interest

Native American Holiday
Baca seeks U.S. day for American Indians
   not a paid holiday because the government says that will cost too much
   yet no mention of this replacing Columbus Day as it should
Stevens and Hall: National holiday sought to honor
    Native American contributions to the U.S.
    Indian Country Today 12/16/03
To: All People Petition

Pine Ridge
Grass Roots Oyate
Until They Win

Leonard Peltier

American Indians begin long trek
     Larry Bringing Good has cleared out his apartment at the Hotel Stockton and given away his television.
     The electricity is set to be turned off today, and all he has, he said, is packed into two duffel bags.
   He is joining a group of more than 100 people on a walk across the country that officially began Monday.
     Over the next five months, participants will travel through more than 10 states to advocate for
   environmental concerns, to support the preservation of American Indian sacred sites and to
   commemorate a similar cross-country journey that was completed 30 years ago.
Dooda Desert Rock to welcome Longest Walk 2
Indian walk crosses Nevada, nation
   In the 30 years since the first Longest Walk march flooded Capitol Hill with activists fighting
   for American Indian rights, thousands of places sacred to American Indians continue to be
   desecrated and developed, an official of the International Indian Treaty Council said Monday.
Local tribal members taking part in The Longest Walk
   Armed with a tin can rattle in his hand and the traditional songs of family and tribe in his
   heart, a young Quechan man is delivering a message to Washington, D.C. completely on foot.
Longest Walk reaches Flagstaff
   Far ahead of a crowd of a few dozen Long Walkers, a Japanese man waved a safety flag. He wanted to
   talk, he wanted to be heard, but a language barrier allowed him only to say, "All life is sacred."
The Longest Walk 2
   On a chilly day in March, two dozen weary walkers are resting at the Ute Indian Museum in
   Montrose. In the shadow of western Colorado's Shining Mountains, surrounded by relics
   of the tribe who once inhabited the area, the group is taking a two-day break on its five-month
   journey from California's Alcatraz Island to the nation's capital.
The Longest Walk 2 Takes Oklahoma By Storm
   Tulsa, OK - The Longest Walk 2 (LW2) Southern Route forged ahead through pouring rain and
   thunderstorms this week to reach Tulsa since reaching Oklahoma on May 3, 2008.
Longest Walk 2: Saving the land again
   Dennis Banks has plenty of reasons to have plenty of enemies.
Local members of Quechan tribe take part in Longest Walk 2
   Some local American Indians are hitting the highway on a coast-to-coast trek dedicated to
   better protection of Mother Earth and her sacred sites.
Longest Walk 2 begins trek across U.S.
   RUMSEY RANCHERIA, Calif. - The Longest Walk 2 was launched as several hundred walkers began their
   journey across the continent here in the oak trees and green rolling hills in California on Feb. 12.
Longest Walkers declare opposition to Desert Rock
   CHACO RIO, N.M. - It was tempting to think it was the most people ever gathered on this barren
   stretch of gray desert near Burnham, N.M.
Longest Walk Talk Radio, live and uncensored
   MONTROSE, Colo. Walking through the snow, the Longest Walk Northern Route arrived at the Ute
   Indian Museum on Sunday, March 16, after crossing on foot the states of California, Nevada and Utah.
   Walking with sacred staffs, American Indian walkers and their allies are carrying the message to
   protect sacred Mother Earth.
Longest Walk 2 arrival unifies local groups
   GANADO, Ariz. - Nothing like a bunch of outside environmentalists passing through
   your territory to get the locals in gear.
March for American Indian awareness comes to Lodi
   More than 50 spirited marchers arrived in Lodi on Wednesday as part of the Longest Walk 2008, a
   five-month, cross-country trek to raise awareness for American Indian issues.
Native tribes bring message
   About 50 members of tribes involved in the Longest Walk 2 gathered for a blessing and ceremonial
   singing at the Denver Art Museum's Native Art Wheel March 24, then rallied at the state capitol to
   raise awareness of their five-month coast-to-coast walk for Native American rights as well as
   concerns for environmental degradation.
Prattans to join in new Longest Walk
   Like their ancestors did for centuries, a group of Native Americans is walking to their
   destination. Only this walk is longer than most tribes ever had to travel, over 4,400 miles,
and part of those miles will go through Pratt.
Walking for Mother Earth
   Longest Walk northern and southern routes continue trek across U.S.
Walking with a message
   Flagstaff ? Cultural genocide, centuries of warfare against Native people, constant threats to
   tribal sovereignty and forced relocation ? plus blisters, poor diet, homesickness and daily and nightly
   bodily aches and pains?

Bush on Native American Issues: "Tribal Sovereignty Means That. It's Sovereign"
   moron alert -- knows nada, is destroying the environment, lied about weapons
   of mass destruction. what's next other than the largest debt ever during
   a presidential term in office?
Petition - Protect Sovereignty Rights
Support Indigenous Sovereignty

Other Sites of Importance

14th Protecting Mother Earth Conference
Aboriginal Peoples Unity and Alliance
ACHP: Executive Order 13007 - Indian Sacred Sites
American Indian Policy Center
American Indian Tribal Rights, Federal Tribal Trust Responsibilities, and
    the Endangered Species Act
A New Trial For Joe Lee Ritchie
As U.S. border fence rises, a tribe tightens ties
   CAMPO, California (Reuters) - As U.S. authorities tighten security on the porous Mexico border
   in this election year, some communities have been caught off guard by government plans to build miles
   of fencing and barriers.
Petition - Big Mountain Sovereign Nation
Blood Quantum Does Not Determine Identity
Boycott Squaw Mountain Resort in Maine
Bo Peep's Hogan
Desecration of Native American Burial Site near Fort Payne, AL
Developer plans to dig up ancestral burial site
   there is a link on the story where you can express your outrage
Dinetah's Native American Homepage
Friends of the Buffalo
Genocide of Native Americans Petition
Geothermal drilling near 'sacred' lake gets Bush OK Second site would help
   fuel Calpine power plant (Medicine Lake) SF Gate
Indian Law
Jack Utter Letter
John Graham Defense Committee
Justice for the Victims of the COINTELPRO (petition)
KAHEA: The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance
   visit often to see what you can do to help both the Indigenous
   people of Hawaii and natural resources threatened
Kill a Bill
   Sign this petition in support of the Cherokee. The bill in question is HR 3534.
"Louisiana Purchase" French and American fraud

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Medals Rescindment
Medicine Lake Video / About the Project
   much valuable information can be found here as well as a little over a 7 minute video
Mohawks join Tohono O'odham in solidarity at border summit
   SAN XAVIER DISTRICT, TOHONO O'ODHAM NATION, Ariz. -- Indigenous at the Border Summit of the
   Americas opposed a border fence that will separate Indian communities in their ancestral territories
   and contribute to the Bush administration?s plan for corporate profiteering.
National Holiday for Native Americans Petition
Native American Heritage Commission (California)
NCAI debates energy bill
   ICT: Defeated energy bill described as tool for the slow eradication
   of tribal governments and seizure of land and resources
   by Bush-friendly corporations
Protect Bear Bute
   help reach the goal of 500,000 signatures
Protection of Sacred Burial Grounds and Sacred Sites of The Ancestors
   The title for this petition says enough for itself.
Recogition of Lumbee Indian Petition>
Rescind the Order to Dismantle the Piscataway Indian
Nation's Sweatlodge
Rum River Name Change Organization
Save the Eskimos!
Sovereignty of the Oneida Nation Petition
Stereotyping of Native Americans at the 2004 Grammy Awards

Support Renewable Energy on Native American Land
Support Taino Rights to Their Ancestral Remains and Sacred Sites in Puerto Rico
To honor Lori Piestewa means never repeating Iraq
   Our view: After five years and 4,000 U.S. deaths, America's use of pre-emptive, unilateral military
   force has not upheld the invasion's promises.
Tokala Ta Onakinjin (Tokala at the Stronghold)
Threatened Sacred Sites
Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
an important video to see!
U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
U.S. Approves Power Plant in Area Indians Hold Sacred (Medicine Lake

Other Sites of Interest
Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online
Cowboys, Indians, and land: an old saga's new twist
    Christian Science Monitor 10/20/03
Discovering The Sacred Land Project
   Information about In the Light of Reverence which "explores
   American culture's relationship to nature in three places
   considered sacred by native peoples"
Earth Gallery - Native American Links

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Environmental Protection Agency
   American Indian Environmental Office
Erowid Religious Freedom Vault: Native American Free Exercise
House bill seeks to protect sacred Indian sites
Indian Country Today Newspaper - Native America
Indian Mascots and Genocide, The Shame of America's Public
    Schools, Pg 9
Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
   This Oklahoma University site has laws and treaties from 1778 to 1971.
   Thomas.loc.gov has the full-text of laws from 1989 to the present so
   if you're doing research, you'll need to go to a Federal depository library.
   The link to find the closest one to you is http://www.gpoaccess.gov/libraries.html
Midwest Treaty Network
Native America
     The Nature Information Website
Native American Embassy
Native American Indian Law and Legal Links
The Navajo Times
New England School of Law - Native American
News from the Southwest: Elliot to face civil trial for Chediski fire
    Indian Country Today January 12, 2004
News by Noah Home Page
The Origin of Writing
Potter Column: Charting a course for Indian holiday
    Billings Gazette 4/27/02 - nice graphic portrayal of Columbus as he
   REALLY was besides good reading.
Speak out for the Buffalo!
Teaching Indigenous Languages Home Page
United Nations rep, Indigenous gather to protect the sacred

Ginny Hogan - Corn Ceremony
Corn Ceremony
Ginny Hogan
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