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This is a page of general links. Once again, the links to the other pages are at the top for your easy access. This page is used for all other links which do not fit the categories of links used for the previous pages. These links vary in nature but are also ones I use or visit quite often. The graphics are here for obvious reasons. Those included under the category of introspection are sites I visit to relax and think. Music is a big part of my life here. It can be so soothing to listen to the mellow tones of the flute, especially of Nakai and Locke, allowing a person to drift, to flow with the music, to forget the craziness of the day. The music links are here for others who have faced frustration when trying to find a particular kind of music or artist. The last entails other sites which have caught my eye in the past, and I often go to them when looking for particular information. One other section was added on December 5, 2000, in honor of all that my father taught me. All deals with the protection of the land, mostly of an area I still consider home. Tags have been provided below for quick access to each one.

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ArtToday Members Site
Designs by SacredWolfDreams
Greasy Grass Native American and Old West Graphics
Silverhawk's Native American Graphics Site
Spirit Wolf Collections
Western Graphics Page
Wolf Backgrounds
Wolf Graphics

Echoes of the Wolf
Forest Magic
I Am Proud
Grand Canyon National Park Virtual Reality 360...
Kindred Spirit

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~ Niki Nana ~
Panoramic Photography and Virtual Reality Natur...
Sacred Wolf Dreams
Song of the Loom

Canyon Records Productions
Elan Michaels
Free MP3 Downloads
Jim's Midi Links
Native American Music Links
Third Mesa Music
   in the mood for a little reggae, listen to Casper Lomayesva's music samples available here

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Other Sites of Interest
Biodiversity Planning Support Programme - BPSP
Channel Islands Eagle Cams
Defenders of Wildlife
Canyon de Chelly - DesertUSA
EagleWatch: Live Eagle Cam
Encarta World English Dictionary
Endangered Species Coalition
Four Winds Trading Company
Free Radical chronicle of the new unrest
HateWatch -An Educational Resource Combatting Online Bigotry
Indian Roots & Wolves (Page 27)
Native American Authors
Native American Quotes
Sedona, a Spiritual City
Speak Out for the Buffalo
SPIRIT Home Page
WDFW - WildWatch Cams [eagles]

Protect the Land
American Wilderness Coalition
   Visit this site to learn what you can do to help preserve America's Wilderness areas.
California Deserts
Campaign to Defend America's Environment
Center for Biological Diversity - Public Lands Oil and Gas Drilling
Coalition Wants to Halt BLM Oil and Gas Lease
   Santa Fe New Mexican October 22, 2003
Defenders of Wildlife - Public Lands
Drilling Could Hurt Wildlife, Federal Study of Artic Says
   New York Times 3/30/02
Earth First! Journal
Care2: Environmental Defense

Top of Page - save, protect, preserve wildlife
Environmental Refugees and Ecological Restoration
Flagstaff Activist Network
Glen Canyon Action Network Home Page
Grand Canyon
   dedicated to the protect and restore canyon country on the Colorado
Living on Earth: Where to Turn In
NACEC: Commission for Environmental Cooperation
New Rules Could Allow Power Plants to Pollute More
Official Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Site
Peace in the Forest | Direct Action Directory | Environment
Save Our Canyons: Dedicated to Protecting the Beauty and Wilderness...
Spirit of the Sage Council
Stop Assisting Big Business in Trampling Our Environment
Utah Environmental Congress
Welcome to Project
Wetlands Action Network
Wild Wilderness Home Page

Yucca Mountain
Abraham expects to meet goal to file for Yucca license
archived articles at Reno Gazette Journal Online
Bush administration says Yucca study not required
   WASHINGTON -- The latest clash between Nevada and the Bush administration over Yucca Mountain took
   a turn on Friday when the White House said it was not required to produce an environmental study of its
   latest bill for the nuclear waste site
   this link will take you to a page of links to older articles written about Yucca Mountain
Bush Clears Way for Nevada Waste Dump
Bush's nuclear energy plans don't sway Yucca foes
   Opponents of the proposed Yucca Mountain repository are encouraged by President
   Bush's call Saturday for a new approach to reprocessing nuclear waste, but
   some doubts remain.
Court Hears Arguments Over Nuclear Waste Dump
   Washington Post January 15, 2004
Death-Valley us Yucca Mountain already having effect on tribes
DOE to speed work on Yucca questions
EPA - About Yucca Mountain and the Standards
EPA Yucca Mountain radiation standard receives some backing
Eureka County, Nevada Homepage for Oversight of Yucca Mtn. Repository
FEDERAL BUDGET: New front for Yucca argument
   "President requests money for reprocessing nuclear waste" while many other
   programs are on the chopping block.
Federal court keeps alive Nevada’s challenges to Yucca dump FEDERAL COURT HEARING: Yucca foes gain hope
   Review Journal 1/16/04, and for a misinformed editorial A Mountain of Waste
Lawyer relays good news, bad news on Yucca Mountain court session
   Review Journal 1/16/04
In Nuclear Waste Site Debate, Visions of Transport Disaster
Lawmakers agree on $577 million to keep Yucca nuclear waste project alive
   registration at the site is needed to view this article
Nevada files new challenge to Yucca plan
Nevada gets funding OK to fight Yucca
Nevada nuclear waste site still faces obstacles after Senate OK
New issue confronts Yucca dump proposal
   Review Journal October 22, 2003
OCRWM: The Yucca Mountain Project
Plans to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain begin to crumble
Potential for Hunan Exposure
   an adobe acrobat reader is needed to open this file.
Public Citizen: Yucca Mountain
YUCCA MOUNTAIN FIGHT: Sandoval recruits supporters
   Nevada attorney general writes letters to colleagues in 10 states to oppose EPA
   radiation standards
YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Lobby group backs EPA on radiation
Yucca options still debated on eve of vote
Yucca water rights denied
Majority want to continue Yucca Fight
Request for more secrecy on Yucca Project rejected
Yucca funding push revived
Yucca Mountain
Yucca Mountain: Nuclear Waste in Nevada
Yucca Mountain Project
Yucca Mountain too small
YUCCA ROUTES: Three rural counties mull pact

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