What you Can Do to Help the Dine'h

I am including the text of this e-mail I received from ISCO in
hopes that there are those of you out there who may and will help
in some way. The Dine'h deserve and need all the support they can
at this particular time as February 1 looms on the horizon. This is
not something which can be ignored.

In a message dated 1/7/00 1:02:39 AM, bigmnt@efn.org writes:

>Dine'h Call for Help in 2000! Reply to : bigmnt@efn.org
>from the Other Paper, Eugene OR ISCO (541) 683-2789
>In January of 1999, several traditional Dine'h (Navajo) families were
>served 90-day notices that their names were reported to the United
>States Attorney's Office in Phoenix, Arizona and face forced
>evictions in 2000.
>Sometime after February 1st in 2000, these Dine'h still living in an
>area designated for Hopi by the United States Congress face
>possible forced eviction by the United States Department
>of Justice, the same agency now under investigation for their role
>in the firey deaths of Branch Dividians n Waco, Texas. With the
>help of? their supporters, Dine'h will challenge eviction hearings
>in the United States District Court in Phoenix, Arizona.
>Dine'h supporters are raising funds for eviction hearing costs and
>related travel, room and board expenses for the extended families
>of these Dine'h.
>In separate litigation, the Hopi Tribe will be seeking to expel Dine'h
>Elder Kee Shay and a non-Indian supporter off the Hopi Partition Lands
>through action in the Hopi Tribal Court in January 2000 (the "Hopi
>Tribe" is a federally certified tribal council under the United
>State's 1934 "Indian Reorganization Act" aka the Howard-
>Wheeler Act of the United States Congress, rather than a
>traditional Hopi governing body).
>Also at an unknown date in 2000 the class-action religious freedom
>lawsuit "Manybeads V. United States et al" may return for an appeal
>hearing in the United States Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.
>Dine'h plaintiffs have a First Amendment constitutional right to
>remain on the Hopi Partition Lands and practice their land-based
>Workers who can herd sheep, help with chores and witness government
>harassment and potential evictions are needed to stay at Dine'h
>homesites. Background literature and orientation packets are available
>upon request,and video presentations and protests are being planned
>throughout Oregon.
>Groups are organizing fundraisers, letter writing meetings, prayer vigils,
>petition signature gathering, pampletting, and action alert phone trees.
>Dine'h (Navajo) people have been living in the southwest on the Colorado
>Plateau in the former Joint-Use Area (now known as the Navajo and Hopi
>Partition Areas) and sharing the area with Hopi since before the Spanish
>invaded. It is ironic the Dine'h are treated like squatters by the US
>government who encircled and encroached upon both tribes over
>Indigenous Support Coalition of Oregon (or "ISCO") has been asked by
>Dine'h facing eviction to send out a call for help from supporters in
>Oregon and across the country. There is a lot you can do to help and
>we urge you to contact us and get involved. We need your help to
>make our efforts count! Please call (541) 683-2789 or e-mail us at
>bigmnt@efn.org or write: ISCO PO Box 11715 Eugene, OR 97440 and
>offer your help? soon!

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