It is an honor to be posting the following message which first appeared as a Big Mountain post on July 28, 2001, after receiving permission this evening. I wanted Katherine Cheshire's words to be seen by others. Her words are humble and wise, and they do speak for the traditional Hopi. They carry with them a message of sadness. They speak the truth. The traditional Hopi are not to be confused with the Hopi Tribal Council, which does not act in their best interests either. I ask of you as does Katherine for prayers for all at Big Mountain.


July, 28, 2001

Ngungu'lawu Tutsqwa I'qatsi,
Friends of the Hopi Traditional Peoples
and Touch the Earth Foundation

Thank you for being our friends! We have been very busy with the responsibilities that we have been entrusted with. However, i wish to take this moment to say how much we appreciate those whom have come to help and our new friends.

Things in Hopiland are still very troubled. Those of you that follow the Native American News are aware of the so called "Hopi Tribal Council" arresting the Grandmothers at Dinhe, for praying on the wrong side of the fence without a permit, permission and imagine not even their Culture?

All that is happening to our Dear Friends and Elders in Dinhe, are also happening to our Traditional Hopi Elders; their lives have been taken, their sons and daughters, and the only land a true HOPI has, as of today, is the very land they step on and can draw a circle around their feet. This is the state of affairs in "Hopiland" and the 4 corners. Only Prayer can make the difference, In my humble opinion, Prayer and the Creators wishes, Together we can make a difference for the sake of our Elders and the Children yet to come.

I will just say this once, "The Hopi Traditional Peoples" had nothing to do with this disruption of the Sacred Ceremony our Lakota Brothers and Sisters that have come to stand with us in prayers and peace. We, the Traditional Elders are Grateful. Yet our hearts are sad that the "Hopi" name is associated with such disrespect to Elders and Sacred Teachings of any other Spiritual Nations. We the Hopi know only a lasting peace will come from a Spiritual Peace and must begin within each one's heart and mind for themselves.

I hope you all will join us in prayer for peace and awakening of these sacred truths for the Sacred 4 corners and all our relations.

.*Tutskwa I'qatsi 'Itam Tutskwa Nit Qatsi Suntutskwatavi Ngu'yungwa (Land Is Life, We Land And Life Balance In Holding It*) In service to the Holy Ones, dep se mana With Respect and Truth,

In Peace, In service to the Holy Ancestors,
dep se mana,
Blessings and Balance,
Katherine Cheshire
Touch the earth foundation


the wolf is my messenger

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"We will be known by the tracks we
leave behind."

Dakota Proverb

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