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[Currently Earth Justice has a current campaign to protect roadless mational forests. At this link you can take action.]

[Please note Judge voids Bush's roadless rules: Clinton-era protections restored.]

[See the Forest Service Plan to sell forests at 85,000 acres are at risk in California.]

[Please consider signing the petition to restore the 2001 Roadless Rule.]

[Please sign the petition to save our wild forests. Stop Bush's attempt to revoke the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. Many thanks.]

[Please see the new Bush roadless rule.]

[Send Kimberly-Clark a message, telling them you won't support their destruction of ancient forests. You can send a message from here through Greenpeace.]

[Take Action: Please visit Beaverhead-Deerlodge Forest Plan Revision. The comment period is over 10/31/05.]

[Please help: The Bush administration is trying to dismantle protections created for the the Sierra Nevada framework. Visit Save California's Forests for help to submit a letter to the editor of your local California newspaper. Many thanks in advance for your help.]

The state of the environment has long been a concern of mine. The state of our forests is something which has become a strong passion, having its roots in my upbringing which I hope to pass on to those who visit this page. Should you have an interest in this topic, explore these different sites. Here you will learn about the necessity of preserving our ancient forests for future generations, and at some you will find out what you can do to help. There are also some sites here which allow you to voice your opinion about the cutting of old growth.

Recent newspaper articles, and breaking info.:
    *Global warming kills old-growth forests at stunning rate 1/22/09
    *Logging ban lifted in some owl habitats Seattle Times 12/16/08
    * New evidence of Kimberly-Clark?s shocking mismanagement of forest resources Greenpeace 9/16/08
    * Bush official facing jail makes no apologies for timber policies Oregon Live 2/23/08
    * Spotted-owl plans flunk peer review by scientists Seattle Times 8/14/07
       The Bush administration's plans for saving the northern spotted owl from extinction have flunked a peer review by scientists.
    * Bush administration wants cut in protection for spotted owl Seattle Post Intelligencer 6/13/07
       Proposal would trim preserved habitat
    * Judge tosses out Bush's national forest rules Los Angeles Times, 3/31/07
       A federal judge on Friday overturned Bush administration regulations for national forests that critics said
       expedited logging and energy exploration, weakened wildlife protection, and shut the public out of forest
    * Once Upon a Forest
    * Opposition to selling forest land grows Las Vegas Review Journal 2/21/06
       The Truckee Meadows Trails Association says a Bush administration plan to sell
       off parcels of federal forest to developers could make it more
       difficult to maintain public access to the Carson Range.
    * Large Sale of Forest Planned LA Times 02/11/06
       The Bush administration Friday laid out plans to sell off more
        than $1 billion in public lands over the next decade, including
       85,000 acres of national forest land in California.
    * California environmentalists oppose Bush plan to sell forest land LA Daily News 2/11/06
    * Lawmaker seeks probe of logging study Vancouver Sun 2/07/06
       In the summer of 1997, forester Bill Dumont and consultant Patrick
       Armstrong were at a remote camp on B.C.'s central coast instructing
       loggers on how to deal with protesters, when a call came crackling in
       over the radio.

       "There are people coming out of the bush wearing white coveralls. And
       the coveralls say Greenpeace on the back."
    * Lawmaker seeks probe of logging study Boston Globe 2/07/06
       GRANTS PASS, Ore. --Questioning whether the Bush administration is
       manipulating science for political ends, Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash.,
       called Tuesday for an inspector general's investigation into
       why federal funding was suspended for a study that goes against
       White House-supported legislation to speed up logging after
       wildfires on national forests.
    * White House Unveils Plan to Sell Off 200,000 Forest Service Acres New West Network 2/06/06
    * Supreme Court Rules for Water Quality, Against Palco 1/30/06
    * Burns makes witness list for forest hearing 11/20/05
    * Bill to Force Logging Public Forests After Fires Introduced 11/3/05
    * Bark beetles took advantage of weather, invaded dry pines 10/12/05
    * Environmentalists, Boise Cascade clash over what 'old growth' means 9/23/05

Your help is needed now to stop the pro-logging senators from passing a bill that will ban people like you and me from appealing to the Congress on logging issues. What are they using as their "fuel"? Why, it's the recent fires that have plagued many areas in the United States. They are blaming the environmentalists, saying that they are the ones who have made it impossible for fire protection of communities. The senators involved in this move are Senators John Kyl, Pete Domenici, Larry Craig, Diane Feinstein, and Ron Wyden. Don't be snowed by their doublespeak. Should one of these Senators be one of yours, I urge you to contact them. For background on this issue, please visit Biological Activist SearchResults Page. There is also information about the ecological role of fires in the forests at Center for Biological Diversity - Fire. There was a flourish of articles a couple days ago regarding Bush's "forest plan." Visit the links below to read what's new.

Now that Bush has had a chance to settle into office, check back here often for further developments for what you can do to help preserve the ancient forests. I will post actions to be taken as soon as I learn of them. Your help would be greatly appreciated especially by the future generations who will enjoy the beauty of these forests as a result of your concern and effort. It appears the inundation of mail in support of the roadless plan from Americans influenced his decision though he did leave himself open for other changes regarding logging, mining, and drilling. Thanks to all of you who wrote to him to express your views in support of the ban. You can visit Campaign to Save Out Wild Forests and let the new Forest Service Chief know your views. In November 2001, another alert has been sent out to protect the roadless policy. Contact the Forest Service to let them know you want our wild forests protected. And keep an eye on the President who seems on a mission to destroy the environment. Read Bush Environmental Plans Challenged: Bills Target Logging, Toxic Waste; President Wins Vote on Nuclear Waste Site but there are those who are obviously watching. However, now that he thinks he has everyone's attention focused on this new "homeland security" stuff that if you look closely, he's protecting big business all the way around, he is also trying to sneak through other damaging policies.

Something is working in the favor of the forests, the roadless rule being upheld. You can read about this below:

See the direction Bush is taking since his "re-election," again favoring big business, again threatening our forests.
Again his blatant disregard for the environment continues. Once these articles are no longer available should you want to know what was said just let me know. Registration is needed to view both.

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Now, the roadless areas are protected in the Tongass National Forest, the largest one in this country. President Clinton signed a bill into law, one which protects about one third of the national forests making them "permanently off limits to road-building and logging." You can read about it in an article published in the Nearing a Forest Legacy -- New York Times on January 8, 2001. This is a victory for not only the forests involved but for future generations as well. However, it seems like this victory is shortlived. President Bush has now put a delay into effect regarding the ban on roadbuilding. There is a petition which can be signed and sent to your representative at Help Save The Forests. It appears Tongass is not safe. Bush has been at it again, setting aside no parts of the forest for preservation. He's at it again, perhaps thinking that everyone is so caught up with his "war on terrorism" that we don't see what he's doing to the environment. You can help by letting the forest service know your views. You can also visit Don't Log the Old-Growth Tongass, and read about the results. His present policy regarding the forests is also available at Bush tries to loosen rules on logging. Visit also Bush Fire Plan: Smokescreen for More Logging. Of course he is using the recent fires to his advantage. I wonder how many he has fooled by his convoluted ideas. I know should my father still be alive, he would answer this nonsense, and then work to stop this from happening. He did teach me well so I can carry on what I know he would do. Below are more links about this current shift in policy and reactions to this:

Please visit Greenpeace USA to send letters to President Bush, Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, and Secretary Veneman and Forest Service Chief Bosworth, Content Analysis Team, USDA Forest Service to protect our forests from destruction.

For those of you who would like quick access to the current tree sits, visit the links below.

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More information about other tree sits can be seen at the gaps sucks site for the Medocino area, the NCTM site and Up You Go for Humboldt County. For those in Oregon, visit Action (echo) and the CFA (Cascadia Forest Alliance) sites. If you would like to take an active role in preserving our ancient forests, you can join two groups at yahoo. Just send an email to and/or More information can be sent to you through Forest Bytes. You can also email Art Bell and ask him to revisit the tree-sitter issue.

For those of you who are concerned about the preservation of our forests there are a couple simple things you can do, and I ask that you strongly consider them. One is tree planting. This is easy to do and would be a blessing in light of the recent actions by the current administration. To learn about Earth Day and its history visit Earth Day Network.

The following I received in an alert email which echoes my feelings for the forests. These words say so well why we need to preserve them. They all touch us in different ways. Think about what these words say. "... I want to come home. To you. To the forest that I call my home. You lift my spirit and touch my heart. With your branches reaching out to me in offering, here is my offering to the forest. I wrote this to the forest, that is my soul..."(Red Cloud Thunder, 5 June 2000). Also, there are the words of the past which echo the same reverence for the beauty of the forests which must be preserved, not destroyed by the logging interests of others. William Blake said, "The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity...and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself." There is also Aldo Leopold who said, "When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." These are things to think on.

A travesty occurred over the long Thanksgiving weekend. For those of you who do not know, Julia Butterfly Hill had climbed an old growth tree on December 10, 1997 to protect the tree from the chainsaw. She did this not only to protect this tree but to call attention to the ancient forests still inexistence and the need to preserve them. She stayed there for a period of two years, only coming down after its existence appeared to be preserved, that is, until some unfeeling poor excuse for a human wielded a chainsaw, cutting through a majority of this tree, making it vulnerable to a windstorm. This appears to be an attack not just against the tree but against Julia herself. At present another page is being created which will focus on her time living in Luna.


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Adaptive Ecosystem Management in the Pacific Northwest: a Case Study from Coastal Oregon
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   links to ancient forests and endangered species can be found
   on this page
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Basic Facts About Old Growth
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Boise Cascade: an American Disgrace - Rainforest Action Network
   go here to take action.
Boise Cascade breaks even in 2nd quarter
Boise Cascade to stop old-growth logging
      "After years of dueling with environmentalists, Boise
      Cascade Inc. has decided it will phase out its old-growth
      harvest over the next two years. No formal announcement
      was made, but the new policy was posted on the company's
      Web site this week. For nearly two years, the Rainforest
      Action Network, an environmental group, has waged a
      campaign against Boise Cascade, calling the Boise company
      the “dinosaur of the logging industry” for continuing to
      cut trees in old-growth forests. 03-15-2002"
Both Sides in Forest Debate Await Administration's Next Move
The Bulletin on Environmental Legislation from NRDC
Bush administration wants cut in protection for spotted owl
   The Bush administration proposed Tuesday to reduce by one-fifth the Pacific Northwest acreage
   protected as "critical habitat" for the spotted owl, arguing that the reductions will "maximize the
   efficiency" of blocks of land set aside for the imperiled bird.
Buy Good Wood
Cascadia Forest Defenders Treesitters Page

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Campaign for Old Growth
Center For Environmental Communications
CFA Cascadia Forest Alliance Homepage
    But critics say it also means more logging
Circle of Life Foundation
Clash intensifies over access to forest lands
   here Bush goes again threatening the roadless rule in our forests
Clinton Forest Rules to Stand
Community Forestry Bids to Preserve Scenic West
   "managing the neighboring woods for their benefit is known as community forestry,
   part of a growing international trend"
Conservation Ecology: Old Forests and Fire
Court blocks cuts in Northwest forests
   Good news for the Pacific Northwest and valued habitat.
Cutting a Deal: An Oregon town raised on logging now wants to buy
    and preserve a timber giant's land
Cutting of Continguous Corridors
Definitions and Information on Old Growth Forests in Washington State
Destruction of Ancient Forests in the Pacific Northwest
Dogwood Alliance - Defending Southern Forests and Communities
EACT homepage Films


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Earthjustice: Because the Earth Needs A Good Lawyer
Economists urge protection of old-growth forests
   Seattle Post Intelligencer 3/1/02
Endangered Ecosystems
Environmental News Network
Environmental Protection Center
Environmental Protection Information Center - Comments

forest ethics
Forest Ethics | Forest Service Move on Old Growth Applauded
Forest Guardians Environmental Activism
Forest Protection Programs
Forest Resources
Forest Resource Environmental Network
Forest Service Defends plans for Clearwater

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Forests Index Page - Sierra Club
Forests and Logging
Forests Forever Home Page
Fossil Creek Treesit

Ghosts Protect Endangered Forests
Giant Sequoia at rish in Congress

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Gypsy Treesit
Good News Earth Page
GreenKeepers: Save Ancient Forests
Harvests under scrutiny
    practices of Plum Creek questioned
Headwaters Environmental Center
Highlands Nature Society
Hayduke Rocks!
Hells Canyon Preservation Council
Help Save the Forests
Honor the Earth - a voice for the earth - a voice for those not heard
Indigenous Environmental Network
Introduction - Ecoregions - Sierra Club
The Issue is Clear Cut: Protecting Old Growth Forests
Judge rejects easing of logging rules 8/3/05

Land Use
   Life After Old Growth
A Light in the Forests 9/09/05 Logging! Harvesting Our National Forests...
Logging limits lifted in Tongass forest
    No matter what they say, even with this "small area being affected to the tune of 9 million acres
    open now to both logging and mining, Bush is at it again. Let me say this again, 9 million acres.
    He just won't give up till he gets what he wants. Talk about the spoiled child syndrome, this is that
    at its best.
Looking at the Big Picture
McKinney brings National Forest Protection and Restoration

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Mount Rainier National Park -- Spotted Owl
National Forest Management Act
Nat'l Academy Press Environmental Issues in Pacific<./a>
National Forest Protection Alliance Home Page
National Timber Company Reduces Cutting of Old-Growth Trees
Native Forest Network
Native Forest Council
NCTM Community Forest Watch Groundwatching TCP

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Northwest Eco Alliance
Northwest Forest Plans Citizens' Alternative

Old Growth Alternatives
Old Growth Forest Definition
Old Growth Forests
Old Growth Forests
Old Growth Forest in the Pacific Northwest
Old Growth Forest in the Pacific Northwest

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Old Growth Forests in the United States Pacific Northwest
Old-growth forest plan critiqued (Idaho)
Old Growth vs. Economic Growth
On this Chick's Future, a Species Could Depend (Spotted Owl in BC)
Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC)
Our Forests -- The Heritage Forest Campaign
    Check back at this site often for updates on what you can do to help
Owls and Forests Vs. Radical Chic
Owl links

Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Eco-Defenders
Pacific Northwest Ecoregion - Sierra Club

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Pacific Lumbers Record
    good resources here as well as action that has been taken
Pacific Northwest Environmental History Bibliography
Pacific Northwest Frontline Eco-Defenders
Pacific Northwest Reference
Pacific Rivers Council
Plants and Animals - Old Growth Storyline
Pombo: Using wisdom in managing our forests

Preserving Old-Growth Forest Ecosystems: Valuation and
Primm for all time - Five Valleys Land Trust and Plum Creek Timber join forces to preserve old growth ponderosa 7/7/05
Protect umpqua's old-growth
Protected trees cut
   free registration is needed to read this article in the Daily Camera
   GRANTS PASS, Ore. The U.S. Forest Service admitted Wednesday to making a "serious"
   mistake that allowed 17 acres to be logged inside a rare tree reserve as part of the
   salvage harvest of timber burned by the 2002 Biscuit fire.
Protecting Our National Forests
Public Lands Foundation
A push for recycling to save forest
   An article about environmentalists pushing for consumers to buy
   "environmentally responsible tissues to soothe their stuffy
Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Action Network Campaigns: Direct Action for the Forests
Roadless Area Conservation Save America's Forests
Save the Earth
Scientists Seek Logging Ban on U.S.-Owned Land
    New York Times 4/16/02 [Note: You must be registered with the NY Times to read this article.
    Also, because of the date it has been archived
   and now costs to read
The Seventh Generation Plan
The Sierra Club Home Page
Shades of Green: Earth's Forest--Overcutting
Silva forest foundation
Some plant trees to eat C02
   COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) -- Some landowners in the Pacific Northwest are planting new forests of trees
to consume greenhouse gases and potentially buffer climate change, in a business called carbon forestry.
Strategy Policy
Study stays most ancient forests are gone
Suit Challenges Logging on 8 Million Acres of
    Southwestern National Forests to Protect Northern Goshawk
    This page by the Center for Biological Diversity contains much
    information and many related links.
Survey finds backing for old-growth forests
    Listen to a broadcast about old growth
Sustaining the 'Old Growth' Component
Swan View Coalition Homepage

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TCCP: Protecting Old-Growth Forests
   There is a wealth of information here, including a map where you can get
   close up views of areas with descriptions.
   Looks like Plum Creek Timber Company is at it again.
Timber decision sets aside acreage for owls Seattle Times 22 March 2006
   About 87,000 acres of spotted-owl habitat in state forests would be off-limits to most
   logging under a lawsuit settlement approved Tuesday by the state Board of Natural Resources.
Timber group seeks end to owl protection
    Seattle Post Intelligencer 3/1/02
Timber Press Releases
Tongass Clearning House: Dedicated to the Celebration
    and Preservation...
The Tree of Life Home Page
Umpqua Watersheds Inc.

UN/ECE Timber Committee

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Voice of the Environment | Campaigns | Saving Old Growth


Welcome to Famous and Historic Trees
    This is a part of America Forests.
Welcome to the Northwest Old Growth Campaign
Western Canada Wilderness Committee Home Page
White House Seeks to Scuttle Clinton Ban on Logging, Roads
White River forest plan doubles area urged for wilderness
    Arizona Daily Sun June 6, 2002
Why Save Endangered Species?
    The title of this site speaks for itself.
The Wilderness Society
Wilderness Ecology and Ancient Forests
Wild Oregon Fall 1999 - A History of the Oregon Wilderness
Why Save?
Written in the Rings
   a very dry forcast for the West as read through tree rings


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